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True to Nature Flavors

We do natural fruit flavors that really taste like the original juice because that's what we target.

Natural; Natural & Artificial; Artificial Flavors

Having had such success in making true-to-nature flavors, we were able to adapt a lot of these formulae using less expensive natural components, and/or artificial ingredients, where possible, to reduce the cost but maintain close to the same flavor quality. We can make an unlimited range of natural, N&A and artificial flavors that are very cost effective as used, and sales of these products have been growing rapidly as a result.

FlavorsWe supply N&A and Artificial flavors as both emulsions and in alcohol/glycol blends; natural flavors typically use alcohol/glycol as solvents. We can offer products without glycol for specialty products where this is a concern. We can obtain Kosher certification on most products, and we can often reformulate products that are not Kosher to make this possible.

We design flavors to suit our customers, so we are often asked to vary flavor concentration, or to design booster flavors to complement existing profiles, or to formulate products to meet new customer concepts. It is in these areas that our commitment to product development and innovation is extremely valuable.

Product Matching

We match products for customers all the time. Since we usually do it cheaper and with better service, we can normally save you money on your existing products. We can also match competitors' products and branded products to save you time in product development.
Chances are we can match a product for you too...

Past Flavor Matching Products
  • Coca Cola®
  • Red Bull™
  • Mountain Dew
  • Gatorade® flavors
  • Tampico®
  • Roses Lime Juice
  • Roses Grenadine
  • Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red
  • Hi-C™ flavors
  • Welch's Grape Conc. (3+1)
  • Ocean Spray Grapefruit cocktails
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry cocktails
  • Bacardi Pina Colada mix
  • Bacardi Margarita mix

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